"Kalite Bir Sonuç Değil Sürekli Bir Arayıştır"

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Kitchen tools and cooking utensils are made from different materials like plastic, wood, stainless steel, aluminum and others. In recent years, silicone kitchen tools were introduced into the market. Silicone kitchen tools and cooking utensils have characteristics that offer some advantages over their metal, plastic, rubber or wooden counterparts. Most of the silicone products come in bright colors.It can withstand very high heat with non-stick surfaces. Food safe and product. You don’t have to worry that it will melt when you accidentally leave it in the pot for a while if you are using silicone turners, whisks or spatula in cooking. Silicone pot holders are perfect for use in taking out the dish from a very hot oven.Because of the non-porous characteristic silicone cooking utensils are stain-resistant and doesn’t retain odors or colors